Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mosquitos Are The Devil But Summer Is Worth It

Had a great extended weekend, but as usual, it wasn't long enough. Friday we took care of some of those errands that you can only do during business hours. Bryce and Shannon stayed over on their way home to Iowa from a 5 week Adventure with Lincoln. We played Mario Kart & Super Mario Bros, conversed about herbs, food, communes, natural birth, and other hippie stuff. Enjoyed Lincoln's cuteness, sweet demeanor, and strawberry curls I couldn't stop touching.

Midday Saturday I made a breakfast tofu scramble with spinach and onions, and my stand by casserole of hashbrowns, mushrooms, bell pepper, onion, and a crumbled breakfast patty. They had seconds so it must have gone over well. Kind of cliche to do tofu as we don't even eat it very often, but it was nice to hear Shannon's first and only experience with bad tofu was turned around. Bryce took a picture of his plate of food so it passed the photogenic test too. They watched as we worked on some business stuff in the afternoon, and we showed them the health store we work with. I'm glad to know I have a way to text Bryce now and also another online Mario Kart competitor. :)

I think Shannon really wants the composter we recently got. Chris really didn't want a big bulky tumbler outside, and despite the price, I was thrilled that he found an indoor and extremely easy and accessible solution. I had been cringing at throwing away food lo these last few years since living on my own. It's incredible how much less trash we throw out now. Going to use our first batch of compost this week on some plants outside!

Sunday & Monday Chris and I were amazed at how much more yard work we got done (and realizing there is still quite a bit left to do). We've now made it all the way around the house with our hand built stone edging, weeding, and mulching. Just a few more yards of mulch to finish around the patio. We're also going to pull up some of the mulch we first installed and put down landscape fabric since we already have some weeds poking through the mulch we put down 2 weeks ago. Once we're done with the landscaping, we'll hopefully get rid of the crab grass once and for all so the grass can fill in the rest of the way. And maybe the yard will be done for the summer except mowing and fun things like harvesting crops? Crossing my fingers.

Can't believe how huge the tomato plants are - especially the ones I planted from seed which makes me proud. :D I got a few smaller tomato towers but I need bigger ones for most of them.

We noticed the landscaper must have snuck in over the weekend. They were 2 firebricks short of completing the fire pit last week, and Sunday we saw that it was done and ready for use! So last night we treated ourselves to a job well done with a long overdue burn-in of the fire pit. The mosquitoes were horrendous as they have been many evenings we've been working outside, so it was great when dusk passed to night and they weren't so rampant. And once we got the fire going they were virtually inconsequential. Chris brought out the thurible so we had incense to go along with our christening of the firepit which uplifted the mood even more. It was so peaceful, quiet, and calm that at nearly 10pm we decided to just cook dinner over the fire and stayed out until midnight.

On the horizon.... Wisconsin State Fair with Chris's family this weekend. Looking forward to the Perseid meteor shower coming up next week. Last night I found out my mom will be stopping for a visit in 2 1/2 weeks after a wedding in LaCrosse. We're hosting friends for Labor Day. Mom & Dad are visiting at the end of September, Chris and I are participating in a big Health Expo at the State Fairgrounds in October, followed by family Halloween in KY. Then it's practically winter! Lots of fun stuff coming up. Wonder why I feel like there's never enough time? Loving this long hot summer since I felt cheated last year, but looking forward to the changing seasons (but not the days growing shorter).

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