Sunday, March 7, 2010

Food Successes!

Had a fun weekend of wonderful concoctions in the kitchen. Everything just seemed to turn out perfectly!

First I made a new fava bean salad with lemon, parsley, garlic, and olive oil. It was very good. Then I topped it with chopped cucumber, tomato, and sliced red onion and it truly made it wonderful and made it my own recipe.

For dinner I made broccoli mac which I had made many times before, but just changing one ingredient made it pop. Didn't know macaroni and cheese could blow your mind. But it did, wow. We topped it with hemp seeds and crushed red pepper. Yum. It's hard to describe the scents and flavors of food with words- so much about food is truly more of an experience than words can explain.

Then late last night we had deep dish pizza. Chris had made the whole wheat dough to ferment the night before, and made his amazing pizza sauce. We also used Daiya cheese for the first time on our own pizza. I topped it with fresh mushrooms, onion, cubanelle peppers, and a little Upton's Italian Sausage. For the first time we also tried our new pizza seasoning on top. It was incredible!! Makes me want the leftovers now.... drool..

Today I made guacamole. Again, a tried and true recipe. I was so disappointed after getting home from the store when I realized that I didn't have a lime. So I used lemon instead. It was amazing! So I might just skip the lime and use lemon instead from now on. Chris hardly wanted to use chips with it, he was eating it with a spoon. :)

I love food, haha. I want to write a cookbook.

Chris has been playing in the kitchen today with new spice blends like taco seasoning. He's making the second batch of vanilla extract - woo hoo!

Sucks that it's almost Monday and back to the 9-5. Feels like we're working for the weekend at times...

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