Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Never ceases to amaze me

I have taken so many pictures of the amazing food we've made over the past couple months. But I just never get to the point of uploading and editing them. Blah.

Somehow this evening I was preparing some veggies for dinner and slipped and slashed the top of my pinky toe on the bar stool. So there's a bit of a cut, and I could see the skin going white... I put a drop of cayenne tincture on it and watched the color return due to the circulation provided when the cayenne made contact with the discolored skin. I put on a couple more drops a few minutes later, and the rest of the skin returned to its normal color. And it also stopped the slight pain I had. It sounds very simple, because in actuality it was, but it was just one of many times that I've been amazed by the power of herbs. When I start to doubt or feel lost, I do something stupid to hurt myself (haha) to learn again how healing these simple foods can be. Its very humbling to know what the body is capable of when given the nutrients it needs.

I'm nearing the completion of my online Family Herbalist course with The School of Natural Healing. Last night, we watched and I filled out my study guide on a lecture about the Vitalist philosophy (in contrast to atomist/allopathic). It's refreshing to learn and just have that Ah Ha! feeling, that this is truly what makes sense to the core. The body tends toward wellness, fighting til the bitter end despite the hell we put it through. We can help it along by providing what it needs to thrive. Health is not merely the absence of disease.

Both with the classes Chris has taught at the health center, and my own studies, I'm absorbing so much, yet realizing how much I already know. It's given me a lot of confidence in owning my own health and I notice how many more questions I'm able to answer for other people who have the thirst to learn about herbs and vitalism. I love the journey we're taking together, and can't wait to see where it will lead us!

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