Friday, August 20, 2010

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

We started on a new path this past Saturday. A couple months ago Chris got his routine newsletter from Herbal Legacy forum and something about this article clicked. We knew we both needed to try it soon to cleanse and rebuild. We made a lot of excuses to not start, but finally took the plunge last weekend. Definitely was a good idea to start on the weekend, since we had some intense cleansing feelings the first couple days. But boy, has there been a dramatic difference this week. More energy! For example, one morning before work I got up at 6, cleaned the kitchen, and went for a run. It was most difficult the first few days to come up with meal ideas that involve no grain, fruit, tubers, or sweeteners of any kind, but we've ended up being more creative this week than we have in a long time. Also realized how much we eat potatoes and other things when we gave them up. Necessity is the mother or invention.

Planning to promote this cleanse in our herb classes and create a cookbook to go with it. What to eat for 2 1/2 weeks was our biggest stall in us getting started, and knowing many people don't eat a diet like ours, I know that would be the biggest fear for most people. The salad dressing I made for lunch today was a creamy italian made with almonds as the base!

Looking forward to hosting Mom & Jean Sunday evening!

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