Monday, October 27, 2008

Family Kentucky Weekend

Despite our extremely sluggish departure, we met up with my brother and sister-in-law Friday afternoon in northern Illinois to begin the drive to western Kentucky for a family gathering. It was also our first full vegan weekend without the convenience of our kitchen, and we managed just fine. Our traveling companions were kind to go with us to Chipotle on the way to and fro so that we could have a full meal on the 10 hour trip each way.

We got to hang out with all 12 members of my immediate family, including my 3 month old nephew and 2 1/2 year old adorable niece. The weather was gorgeous and the company wonderfully refreshing. I love you all.

Our cooking was somewhat stunted, of course, but with a trip to the tiny natural food store and some conventional produce, I managed to make Papa al Pomodoro, a bread-tomato-white bean soup and Greek Potatoes. I'm actually awaiting another pan of Greek Potatoes I put in the oven an hour ago. I make them about once a week, or more when we're uninspired. It's roughly based off of a Moosewood Cookbook recipe, but with insane amounts of garlic and oregano, and the addition of cayenne. We also top with more raw garlic and lemon juice, oregano, cayenne, and a splash of fresh extra virgin olive oil to coat it all together.

It was nice to hear the accolades from family members that have checked out the blog and even passed it on to vegan friends. I'd love to hear comments, recipe requests, and suggestions from anyone and everyone about the site. I like knowing I'm not posting in a diary without an audience.

Being out of town reminded me how appreciative I am of the natural food stores we have here, especially our beloved co-op Outpost. Now to get creative with all the cauliflower in the fridge... Pictures of purple cauliflower will be forthcoming.

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