Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Raw Food Rocks

I have the most energy when I get a decent amount of sleep (almost 7 hours last night!) and eat mostly raw foods. I just feel a difference. Today I had my typical weekday morning green smoothie- with unpasteurized orange juice this time, which is a treat I pick up at the store downtown on occasion. Of course added to that was our superfood greens, a banana, and for the frozen fruit today I had black raspberries. Was yummy and a pretty deep purple.

I didn't really pack a lunch, but I had a couple cups of grapes, a raw bar (I forget the brand), and a banana throughout the day at work. And distilled water and white tea. I was still pumped when I got home, so I took out the trash, unloaded the dishwasher, hand washed a ton of dishes, cleaned out a few cupboards in the kitchen, made stir fry, and finally made the grawnola I had soaked seeds and nuts for. It's in the dehydrator now. It might be ready before I go to work, but if not, I have the timer on the dehydrator set so it won't be overdone. We got the dehydrator a few months ago, and I used it every once in a while at first, but was many weeks since I'd used it til tonight. I also soaked an extra cup of raw almonds and am dehydrating those, too, since I have the thing going. Those will make a great snack too, or the basis for almond milk when I get inspired to make some. Hoping this turns out since it's my first raw granola. The raw fiesta lime bread I made a long time ago was soo good.

The moral of the story is, raw food is energizing, woo hoo! The garlic broccoli stir fry turned out really well, too, even if it's obviously all cooked. And the sprouted rice we use doesn't sit so heavy and compliments the light dish nicely.

The rest of the topsoil and our grass seed is FINALLY being put in the next couple of days after way too much rain and other delays.

The business gets busier all the time. Crap, I was supposed to order some things tonight. Bah. It's bedtime.

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