Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good Intentions

I had wanted to create a food blog or blog for so long but didn't know what exactly to do. Like many things in my life, my lack of direction and specific goals led to inaction. I decided right now, as I'm trying to do in many areas of my life slowly but surely, that it would be better to do something, no matter how little, than nothing. So, I'm blogging again. Will I keep it up? We shall see.

We started this with a food angle, so I felt I could only post when I had pictures and stories about new and exciting things we had made in the kitchen. But I'm going to post more now. Often about food, since it's something I have passion for. Woah, I have passion? It's the thing I admire most about other people, because I often feel so boring, so unadventerous, blase, dull. But yes, I would say food is a passion of mine. How cool.

Anyway, my point is I often intend to post here and have perfectly edited pictures in a perfectly phrased post. But blogs are supposed to be off-the-cuff and whatever comes to mind, right? So, dear readers (all 2 or 3 of you?), you'll hear more of my thoughts- often about food- and far fewer pretty pictures. Maybe the more often I write the more I'll be inspired.

I'm very excited that tomorrow is the first pickup for our CSA garden subscription! Should be lots of green leafy things which will be great to add to my nearly empty refrigerator.

Thinking about it now, I have lots of food related ramblings I could go on about, but I'll save the material for another day.

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