Monday, August 23, 2010


The weekend completely flew by but I suppose that's how it works when things are good, right?

Had a busy Saturday- going to the farmers market, working on business stuff for a few hours, running errands, cleaning the house, and other things I can't remember right now. Sunday we drove 1/2 hour to find out the garage we were taking both cars to work on was closed. Grr. So we came back and Chris got to work in the driveway on my car while I got part of the garage cleaned up which was in desperate need of de-cluttering. Still have stuff we need to pitch.... like what seems like 10,000 plastic pots from plants, cardboard of varying size that never seems to go away no matter how much we recycle... 2 lawnmowers that don't work (the third one we were sent has been working and fantastic since we got it, yay), a busted vacuum cleaner, and some tools/devices we borrowed for projects here or there... blah. It's coming along, but it's shocking the amount of accumulation that can happen, especially with a house and all those things we now own or temporarily need that we never did before. Didn't realize a house was this much work! Especially establishing a new yard & landscaping. We have spent many a sweaty humid day and mosquito-ridden night working on something outside. Hoping there comes a day when we have more grass than weeds. :(

The garden is happy though, and I need more tomato towers since a few of the plants are so huge and top heavy with lots of green tomatoes :D. Our landscaper didn't put in our raised garden until the end of June so I was a bit behind in getting everything planted. Everything looks plentiful though. The 6 types of garlic I harvested a couple weeks ago are dried and just need to be cleaned! I accidentally pulled an onion out when I was weeding tonight but it looks great too and there are many more still out there. It's fun growing vegetables I haven't grown before! Dill weed is finally coming in, the 3 mint plants are ridiculously huge, and basil, as expected, is enormous too. I finally chopped down the bolting romaine lettuce tonight... I could go on and on even more, haha. Also tonight I mixed my second batch of compost from our kitchen composter into the soil around the herbs and onions.

Anyway, yesterday Mom & Jean showed up around 3 and we had a blast shopping and they bought me some fun new clothes, shoes, a hat, and necklace, yay. I was amused by Jean's observation that Dad had kept track this was their third time going on an out-of-state trip together without him. :/ In 40 years of being best friends. What better excuse for a girl's day out? Chris was being the wonderful car mechanic that he is, so we went and played while he fixed my horrible oil leak AND air conditioning! Wow! I'm so grateful. <3

It was a great visit! They brought tomatoes and eggplant for us, and I sent them home with some spices and teas. Looking forward to having both Mom & Dad for a whole weekend in 5 weeks, but we'll probably need to do something other than just shopping.. :P

Til next time loyal reader(s?)...

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