Sunday, June 29, 2008

A trip down memory avenue...

After an awful day in our current dinge-hole (aka apartment) it was time for some much needed relaxation, but we couldn't stand being here - so a virtual trip was the next best thing... back to Chase Avenue

To set the stage, we decided to make some grill packs - but instead of having meat we used black beans. Delightful, and a must-do again - they added great flavor. A spoonful of coconut oil replaced the fat from any meat, and is much better for you anyway. The mouth feel was unmistakable, and along with the normal other items and some purple potatoes, it made for a memory-returning meal.

Things were going well, but too much noise was distracting - some Pink Martini cleared that right up, taking us outside to the patio. A snifter of Oban and a game of Carcassonne finished the night with a happy glow and the warmth of memories past. It was a great way to bring a good finish to a less than desirable day!

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